The pill box with brains and beauty.

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Track Adherence

EllieBox uses sensors to track medication adherence. This allows caregivers to stay on track with progress and intervene when needed.

Receive Reminders

When it is time to take your pills, the pill box will ring and you will receive a notification that comes with a fun trivia question!


Ellie can manage any medication schedule. It does not matter how many pills you take or when you take them.


Ellie is compatible with every multi-dose package, regardless of the width. If you distribute multi-dose packages, we can help.

Even Pros Love Ellie!

Venus Williams

Professional Tennis Player
"OMG I need one of those!

Ben Banogu

Professional NFL Player
“As an athlete, EllieGrid is the perfect product to help you stay on top of your vitamins.”

Tony Rocha

MLS Player
"Every athlete who takes vitamins or supplements should use an Ellie to make sure their bodies are always at their prime."