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What is Ellie

Ellie is a smart pill box for active individuals and/or caregivers. What makes Ellie smart is the capability to organize all medications in seconds, set reminders, track adherence, and share results.

  • Reminders- Ellie reminds users when it is time to take their medications and order refills via alarms, lights, and mobile notifications.
  • Time-Saving- Ellie saves users time by allowing them to organize their medications in seconds. You simply take the bottle and pour the pills into the correct compartment, thus taking 30 seconds to organize all of your pills instead of 30 minutes.
  • Peace of Mind- Ellie can share compliance information with healthcare providers and caregivers so timely interventions can be made if a patient is struggling.
  • Empowering- Prescription bottles and traditional pill boxes can make users feel stigmatized and sick. Instead, Ellie has a beautiful design and a healthy lifestyle brand that makes users feel healthy.


There are two ways to open the pillbox:

  1. Place the pillbox on a flat surface, place one hand on the center of the lid, apply a small amount of downward pressure, and begin pushing the lid forward.
  2. Hold the pillbox in both hands and push the lid forward with your thumbs while applying pressure evenly to its bottom corners.

The action of opening and closing the pillbox, during the alarm window, is interpreted as a compliance action. This information will be sent to your phone via Bluetooth so that you can view your progress in the reports section of the app.

We ship to USA, Mexico, and Canada.

Please note that free shipping is not applicable for international orders and that shipping rates could vary depending on your region.

Hardware Details

  • Lid: The best way to clean the lid is with the inside of the white bag that you received with your Ellie. Simply turn the bag inside out and rub the lid softly. Otherwise, a microfiber cloth works great too.
  • Tray: Use a damp cloth or paper towel. Avoid immersing into water. Particularly avoid getting water inside the lid. Proceed to wipe the empty compartments and remove any particles that you may see. Let the device dry completely before adding pills back into compartments.
  • 196 mm x 104 mm x 29.5 mm

A single Ellie pill box can store seven different types of medication. The compartments can hold about one month's worth of small pills or one week's worth of large pills, depending on the frequency of intake. You can also set up phone notifications and track the adherence for as many medication outside of the pill box as you want.

The lithium-ion polymer battery lasts approximately one week with typical usage. Includes a USB power cable for quick recharging.

Mobile App

You can download the mobile app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Ellie's main functionalities work without having to be connected to a phone. You only need a smartphone in order to program the Ellie device and if you want to keep caregivers updated on your progress. These tasks are done via a Bluetooth connection. If Ellie is not connected to a smartphone, it will still be able to sound the alarm and use the LED light to tell you which pills to take and how many.

Yes, we offer free shipping for domestic orders.

Waranty & Returns

  • All our products are subject to quality control.
  • Our warranty provides a guarantee against manufacturer defects.
  • The guarantee covers any manufacturing, design, or material defect. Please notify us within 2 months of noticing any defects.
  • It does not cover blows, improper use, or other issues that are not attributable to a manufacturer defects.

Yes, we offer full and partial refunds.

Please enquire for more information about our Refund policy.

A refund request can be submitted within a month after the purchase is made.

  • In the case when the product and packaging are unopened and undamaged, you are eligible for a full refund.
  • In the case when the packaging has been opened and the product has been used, you are eligible for a partial refund.
  • In the case when a product has been damaged, and the damage is not covered by your warranty, you are not eligible for a refund.

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