Remote Patient Monitoring (RTM)

$100 /patient/month

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) is a Medicare program that is designed to reimburse healthcare providers for managing a patient's at home medication adherence.

Ellie has smart pill organizers that helps increase medication adherence, allows doctors and NPPs to provide effective RTM services, and increases revenue for healthcare practices.



$19 for helping the patient setup Ellie

98976, 98977,989X6

$54 /month for gathering medication adherence data via Ellie


$49/month for the 1st 20 minutes of communication with the patient


$40/month for each additional 20 minutes of communication with patient

How RTM Works

Patients must have a musculoskeletal, respiratory or behavioral health condition. Patient must also have a medicare or medicare advantage plan.

Once a patient is identified, provide them with an EllieGrid pill organizer. We will send your practice EllieGrids periodically so that you are able to distribute them to patients.

Provide us with the patient's email so we can identify their account and give you access to that patients medication adherence data.
We will give your practice access to your patients medication adherence data so that you can identify at-risk patients and reach out to them.
Submit the RTM codes for reimbursement. Monthly reimbursement per patient can be up to $140.