EllieAI is a voice assistant designed to manage customer calls better than humans and at a fraction of the cost

How is EllieAI Better Than a Human?

  • PhD level expertise in any subject matter
  • Available 24/7
  • Faster response times
  • No waiting on hold
  • Easily scalable
  • Fluent in multiple languages
  • A fraction of the cost
  • Integrates with and performs tasks across your company's systems (checks on orders, sets up appointments, & much more)

Knows your business & Industry

In less than a week, we can train EllieAI to be an expert in your business and industry. For example, Ellie AI can be an expert in pharmacology for pharmacies, veterinary medicine for vet clinics, and chemistry for chemical company's.

Lower Cost with EllieAI

  1. Cost per minute for audio phone message is $0.4
  2. Cost per text message is $0.1
  3. $0 for training costs, HR costs & other costs usually associated with hiring and managing employees

How Does it Work?

EllieAI understands human conversation cues, understands nuance and performs tasks in milliseconds so that she can sound just like a human

  1. The caller speaks into the phone
  2. EllieAI converts audio into text
  3. EllieAI uses the LLM (Large Language Model) it integrated with the companies systems and trained with domain expertise to produce a response
  4. EllieAI converts text to speech and responds to caller with a human sounding speech

How Does it Sound

Press below to listen to a conversation with the EllieAI

EllieAI heard in the audio was not given a script. It can crawl the companies data in real-time in order to provide answers to questions. Once Ellie integrates with your systems, she can do the same thing to provide answers specific to each caller.