How Ellie Works

Step 1

Select a Compartment

The home page is where you can find all of the pills you are taking. Whenever you select a compartment on the illustration, the corresponding compartment on the pill box will light up.

Step 2

Set Up Compartment

Once you have selected a compartment, you can proceed to input the medication schedule.

Step 3

Add Medication

Once you have set up the compartment, you can pour the pills into the corresponding compartment. Ellie organizes pills by type, not by time. As a result, you can refill Ellie in seconds.

Step 4

Recieve Reminders

Ellie sends friendly reminders when it is time to take your pills. However, they are not just any reminders. Notifications include silly riddles that will make you smile!

Step 5

Follow The Lights

Whenever it is time to take your pills, open the pill box and lights will tell you which pills to take and how many.



Can't remember if you took your pill today? No worries. Ellie's reports will help you track your progress.

Caregiver Notifications

Ellie has sensors that can track when the pill box is opened. As a result, it can text or email a caregiver if pills are missed.

Turn Off Alarm

While we recommend you take your pills as directed by your healthcare provider, if there are times when you do not want to take your pills, simply press the elephant button for three seconds to turn off the alarm. The pills for that time period will be recorded as skipped.

Check Battery

To check the battery life, simply press and hold the elephant button for three seconds. Each green light indicates 10% battery life. The image below shows 7 green lights, which means the pill box has approximately 70% battery remaining. The battery life depends on usage and settings, but should last at least a week.

How Ellie Works Video

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