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Home Screen

The home page is where you can find all of the pills you are taking. Whenever you select a compartment on the illustration, the corresponding compartment on the pill box will light up.

Program Alarms

First select the compartment you would like to add a pill to. Then proceed to add the pill information. Lastly, pour the pills into the corresponding compartment.

Peace of Mind For Loved Ones

EllieGrid has sensors that can track when a pill box is opened; therefore, it can message a caregiver if pills are missed.

This feature is available as part of the Premium app for $7.99/month.

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Ellie sends friendly reminders when it is time to take your pills. However, they are not just any reminders, notifications include a silly riddle that will make you smile!

Progress Reports

Can't remember if you took your pill yet today or not? No worries. EllieGrid's reports will help you track your progress.

Want to see your report for the day? This is included in the FREE version of the app. Want to see earlier report history? This feature is available as part of the Plus version of the app for $2.99/month or the Premium app for $7.99/month.

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