Dear Friends,

A lot has happened and we cannot wait to tell you about it. Please keep in mind that this information is confidential.


All our best,
The EllieGrid Team

(Regina, Abe, Hieu, Nic & Ben)

We Won $75,000!

EllieGrid is proud to announce that we are the recipients of $75,000 in equity-free flash funding from Arrow Electronics. You can read more about the announcement here. This funding brings the running total of crowdfunding + money + prizes collected to ~$300k. The full list of our 15+ awards and press can be found in our Press Kit.


Even Better News!

While the $75K is awesome, we are more excited about the results of our ad testing. We have about 150 people signing up each week to purchase an EllieGrid when we launch, and it currently costs us <$3 to acquire a sign up. We believe we can bring this cost down even more once we are able to take better pictures with our finished product, once we have inventory on hand to deliver right away, and once we are able to invest more in advertising.


The Electronics are Ready!

The electronics for EllieGrid are ready! Check out the awesome video and pictures that our CTO, Hieu Nguyen, snapped of the pick & place machine & PCBs.


Manufacturing + Plastics

We received the second round of samples back from our Chinese manufacturing partners on Monday. Unfortunately, they are not exactly how we want them, so they are making some changes as we speak. We should still be able to ship on time, but we will let you know if that changes. As soon as the 700+ plastic units come in from China, we will insert the electronics and ship. Check out the "EllieGrid Sample" video to the right.



We are giving the mobile app a final facelift to make sure our brand and design are consistent across platforms. If you would like to test out the app, please let us know!


Upcoming Calendar

May 15 | InnoSTARS US & China Competition // Houston, TX (Abe)

May 31 | TO BE ANNOUNCED // Raleigh, NC (Regina)

June 2-3 | NGS (tentatively) // New York, NY (Abe)


Investment Inquiries

If you or someone you know is interested in investing in EllieGrid, please contact Abe Matamoros.

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*Please reach out to our team before sharing any of this content*

Regina Vatterott

COO and Co-Founder