Dear Friends,

Our team is still on schedule for March milestones. We have a lot of exciting news to share below. Please keep in mind that this information is confidential.


All our best,
The EllieGrid Team

(Regina, Abe, Hieu, Nic & Ben)


We have samples in from China! They are not quite where we want them yet so we are making some adjustments. Thankfully the manufacturer delivered the first samples when they promised they would, so we are confident in their ability to make the final adjustments in a timely manner. The final version to be ready in the next couple of weeks.



We ordered all of the electronic components so those will be coming in shortly so that we can start assembling them.



The packaging came in. We are happy with it and hope you like it too.



The first version of our mobile app should be ready in a week or two. Let us know if you want to test it out here.



We will be shipping EllieGrid t-shirts in April. You can order yours on Indiegogo.



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Investment Inquiries

We will be closing our seed round soon and would love introductions to potential investors. Contact Abe Matamoros for inquiries and introductions.

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*Please reach out to our team before sharing any of this content*

Regina Vatterott

COO and Co-Founder