Dear Friends,

Our team is still on schedule for April milestones. We have a lot of exciting news to share below. Please keep in mind that this information is confidential.


All our best,
The EllieGrid Team

(Regina, Abe, Hieu, Nic & Ben)

Manufacturing & Electronics

We will be receiving the second round of product samples back from China this upcoming week. We are hoping this will be the final revision so that we can start injection molding the first batch of product.  We are planning on starting electronics assembly next week.



FCC Certifications

We passed our FCC certifications! Bonus points for passing on our first try. This is a huge weight off our shoulders. The FCC is the Federal Communications Commission. They essentially regulate interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. Here is a SNAPSHOT and VIDEO of EllieGrid at a testing facility in Austin TX.


We are finishing up the software integration between EllieGrid's pill box and mobile app. We plan on doing more unit testing next week to make the software application more robust for even the most complicated medication regimens.


The Thiel Fellowship

Co-founder, Regina Vatterott, attended the Thiel Fellowship Summit a couple of weeks ago in San Francisco. The Summit is a private event hosted by the Thiel team for the ~60 finalists for the Thiel Fellowship. The 20-30 finalist are expected to be announced around May or June. Winners receive a $100k grant to work on their startup as well as access to some of Silicon Valley's most influential minds.



The Kairos Society

Regina Vatterott was also accepted into the Kairos Society as a Kairos Fellow.


"Kairos is about finding the most innovative designers, engineers, scientists, and business students from around the world and focusing them on solving real problems through entrepreneurship."-




Look out for next month's update with an exciting new announcement! We signed an NDA promising to keep it a secret until April 25th but trust us, its great news!


Investment Inquiries

We will be closing our seed round soon and would love introductions to potential investors. Contact Abe Matamoros for inquiries and introductions.


*Please reach out to our team before sharing any of this content*

Regina Vatterott

COO and Co-Founder