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Hello friends of EllieGrid,

Thank you for your continued interest in EllieGrid's smart pill box, Ellie. This portal hosts our latest updates and plans to take the home health industry by storm.

All our bests,
Regina + Abe + Hieu


  1. The "Fight Club Rule" AKA: Don't discuss the contents of this page with others. 
  2. Please don't share the EllieGrid portal password (temporarily disabled)
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Current Asks

  1. If you know of any investors that could be good strategic partners, email abe@elliegrid.com
  2. If you have any contacts at Good Day Houston, Good Morning America, or The Today show, email regina@elliegrid.com
  3. Intros to distributors please :) 


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If you have questions, questions, leads, etc. please email regina@elliegrid.com or abe@elliegrid.com