June 2018

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  • The new units are in production and will be finished soon. Abe is in Suzhou, China this week overseeing the plastic manufacturing. 
  • The electronics are being produced in Sugar Land, TX and will be shipped from here as well. 
  • We are preparing to start shipping again in August. 
  • Abe and Hieu have been in Los Angeles, CA for the last couple of weeks with investors/accelerator Quake Capital. We have 5 new great mentors. These mentors include people that have founded and sold hardware companies, experts in product development and manufacturing, as well as people with experience in clinical trials and grant writing.
  • The development team we hired has been doing a great job improving the mobile app. 
  • Based on customer feedback, we have come up with a new way to use AI in order to trigger alarms at optimal times and to predict when users will be non-compliant before it happens. We are extremely excited about this!

What’s Coming Up

  • We are going to start working with Quake Capital to raise our Seed Round. They have a large network of investors and are known for helping their companies raise capital. 
  • We are creating more marketing content in preparation of our launch. 
  • We are building relationships with reporters in preparations for our launch. 


Demo | Quake Capital LA Summer Cohort Demo Day in Santa Monica, CA on August 23rd 
Demo | Quake Capital LA Summer Cohort Demo Day in San Francisco, CA on August 30th