July 2018

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  • Abe is back from a two-week trip working with our plastics manufacturing partners in Suzhou, China. 
  • The electronics are currently being produced in Sugar Land, TX. 
  • We are still on track to start shipping again in August! Woohoo! 
  • Abe Regina & Hieu are all in LA together for the next couple of weeks working with investors/accelerator Quake Capital. Don't worry Texas, Regina returns in 2 weeks!
  • The development team we hired has been doing a great job improving the mobile app. The mobile app update will be available in August for the Launch. This update will include bug fixes and new features.
  • In case you missed it, PillPack just sold to Amazon for just under $1B. This is great news because it shows the value and need for better solutions for medication management.

What’s Coming Up

  • We have started working with lead investors, Quake Capital, to raise our $1M Seed Round. They have a large network of investors and are known for helping their companies raise funding. 
  • We are creating more marketing content in preparation for our launch. 
  • We are building relationships with reporters in preparations for our launch. 


Demo | Quake Capital LA Summer Cohort Demo Day in Santa Monica, CA on August 23rd 
Demo | Quake Capital LA Summer Cohort Demo Day in San Francisco, CA on August 30th 
Know of other events we should be participating in? Let regina@elliegrid.com know!