April 2018

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  • We successfully manufactured and delivered all of the units from the pre-order campaign to over 37 different countries.
  • We have received great feedback from our customers, and feel comfortable ordering the next batch of product so that we can start scaling. 
  • Since the end of the pre-order campaign, we have had an additional 2,000 people sign up to be on our waiting list.
  • We have a customer acquisition cost of ~$4.
  • We have earned over $200,000 from business plan competitions all over the country.
  • We are currently seeking a $1,000,000 investment.
  • Our lead investor for the round is Quake Capital (a VC firm from NYC)

What's coming up:

  • We have been accepted into the Mass Challenge Texas accelerator, so we will be participating in that! 
  • We will be a part of a new series called "Funded in America" which is being produced by Rainn Wilson's (Dwight from The Office) Soul Pancake in partnership with Indiegogo and T-Mobile. The series aims to highlight Female Founders who have used crowdfunding as a funding solution for their startups. We filmed in Houston on April 13th and will be filming in New York April 23-24th. We are pumped!
  • We are going to order the next batch of product and start selling on our website, on Amazon, and in retailers like B8ta