How It Works

Organize All Your Pills in Seconds

The Ellie Smart Pill Box organizes pills by type instead of time. As a result, you can refill Ellie in seconds by simply pouring your pills straight from the bottle into one of the seven appropriate compartments. Using the Ellie Smart Pill Box is a great way to keep track of your pills or those of a loved one!.  

Program Alarms

First select the compartment you would like to add a pill to. Then proceed to add the pill information. Lastly, pour the pills into the corresponding compartment.

Follow the Lights

When it's time to take your pills, an alarm on the device will ring and a light will start flashing. Whenever you open the device, specific lights will turn on indicating which pills you should take and how many. Need to take some pills more than once a day? You can easily set multiple alarms in the EllieGrid app.

Opening & Closing

Place Ellie on a flat surface and push the lid forward. You can use either one hand on the lower middle section of the lid or two hands on the bottom corners of the lid as demonstrated below. Sensors in the lid can detect when you or a loved one has interacted with the device. If a loved one does not open Ellie when it is time to take their pills, a caregiver can be notified.

Turn Off Alarm 

While we recommend you take your pills as directed by a doctor or as instructed on the bottle, if there are times when you do not want to take your pills, simply press the elephant button for three seconds to turn off the alarm. The pills for that time period will be recorded as skipped.

Check Battery

To check the battery life, simply press and hold the elephant button for three seconds. Each green light indicates 10% battery life. The image below shows 7 green lights, which means the pill box has approximately 70% battery remaining. The battery life depends usage and settings, but should last at least a week for most use cases.  

Smart Alarms

Do you sometimes take your pills early or late? Do you take your pills at different times on the weekend? No worries! Enable smart alarms and Ellie will use the pill box's sensors to adjust alarms to your schedule.

Light Window*

If you open the pill box during the light window, lights will indicate which pills you should take. There is no alarm/notification during the first half of the window, so do not worry about it waking you up.

Alarm Time*

If you have not opened the pill box by the light window's halfway point, an alarm will go off on the pill box for 1 minute. You will also receive a notification on your phone at this time.

Final Alarm*

If by the end of the light window you have not opened the pill box, an alarm will go off on the pill box for the last 2 minutes of that window.

Full How It Works Video

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