Mental Health

with EllieGrid's Smart Pill Box

 Here at EllieGrid, we are committed to creating a user-centric smart pill box that empowers & supports our users. Managing medications can be an important component to maintaining your health. 

EllieGrid is here to help!

Facts About Mental Health & Adherence

  • May is Mental Health Month.
  • Celebrities touched by mental health issues include; Ryan Reynolds, Cara Delevingne, Jon Hamm, & Brittany Snow.
  • Anxiety is the most common mental health disorder in the U.S.
  • Depression is a common illness worldwide estimating 350 million people affected according to the World Health Organization.
  • The symptoms of anxiety & depression are often improved with exercise.
  • "More than one in 10 Americans take antidepressants, the primary type of medication used by people ages 18 to 44."- The Anxiety and Depression Association of America.
  • Approximately 48 million people are on 5+ prescription medications in the US.
  • 50% of patients in the U.S. do not take their medications correctly.

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EllieGrid vs. Other Pill Boxes


Save Time

By sorting medications by type instead of time, you can refill EllieGrid in seconds by simply pouring the bottle of pills into the appropriate compartment. The lights on the lid will turn on whenever it is time to take your pills, and indicate which pills to take and how many.


Since typical weekly pill boxes organize medications by the time of day, users have to individually sort their pills every week. Not only is this a very tedious task that can take forever, but it can also be dangerous since there is a lot of room for error.

Set Reminders

You can set up EllieGrid's reminders using our mobile app. Once the times are set, the device will ring and the lights will shine at the right times so you can choose to take the pills, snooze, or skip your dose.

Forgetting Can be Dangerous

Life can get busy and when it does, it can be difficult and even dangerous when you forget to take your vitamins & medications. 

Track Results

Thanks to EllieGrid's sensors, you can track your adherence data so you can remember if you already took your meds or not, preventing overdose. You can also share this information in real time with family or caregivers so that they can be a helping hand whenever you need it.

No Tracking

There is currently no way for you, caregivers, or even care providers, to know if medications are being taken correctly.

Sleek Design

People describe EllieGrid as "sleek", "modern" and "stylish" whereas traditional pill boxes are described as "old-people-pill boxes" in our surveys and interviews. 


For much of the healthcare industry, people are treated as patients before people, and that is reflected in the design of "medical" devices. People feel stigmatized when using these products and as a result do not use them.

The EllieGrid App

Our mobile app makes it easy to program your smart pill box and set reminders for when it is time to take your medications and vitamins.

Can't remember if you took your pills already? Don't worry. The app will keep track of this for you in order to prevent overdose or missed does.

Want to keep your caregiver updated? No problem. You can allow EllieGrid mobile app to notify a loved one or caregiver if you forget a dose.


"OMG I need one of those!"

- Venus Willams 

(Professional Tennis Player)