Smart Ways to Reuse Old Pill Bottles

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Who doesn't like arts and crafts? Here are our favorite ways people have reused their old pill bottles.


Lamps and Chandeliers

This is probably our favorite way to reuse old prescription bottles. The orange tint to the plastic creates a warm glow illuminating a boring space. Artists have even turned their old pill bottles into art installations such as this one by Jean Shin.


Pill Chandelier



Secret Key Holder

You may have seen this one before. Need to leave a key somewhere in case of emergencies? This little trick has come in handy so many times. All you have to do is grab an old pill bottle, place a key inside, and glue a rock to the pill bottle cap. Hide the secret key holder among the other rocks in your yard. Next time you accidentally lock yourself out, you will be able to get back in without breaking into your own house. This has happened to me and I had to go through the dog's door almost getting myself stuck in the process.

 Photo by ThriftyFun.

 Pill Bottle Key Holder



Travel Kit

When traveling I either can never find the smaller beauty items that I pack or I end up damaging them due to not protecting them in my suitcase. You can use empty pill bottles to hold your smaller travel necessities such as bobby pins, earrings, floss sticks, Q-tips, cotton balls, etc.

Here is a great tutorial to the image on the left by I Heart Organization.

 Pill Bottle Organizer



Organic Seasoning Holder

Have you ever purchased a small bag of seasonings at a farmers market and then brought it home to find out it makes a mess of your medicine cabinet because the bags are messy? Well, I have and it is very annoying especially for anyone who likes to keep their house clean and organized. "Upcycling" pill bottles to be used as seasoning holders is a charming way to avoid this issue.  All you need is a little food safe paint and labels.

 Pill Bottle Seasoning



Survival Kit for Backpacking

This would have been very helpful on my last hiking trip! Old pill bottles can be used as tiny survival kits for backpacking and camping. Anyone who has backpacked before knows the importance of compact and lightweight gear. An old pill bottle is a great size for survival materials. BirchBox has a thorough tutorial.

 Pill Bottle Survival Kit




We want to hear how you are reusing your old pill and vitamin bottles! Comment below

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