Entrepreneur Sells Baby to Fund Startup

October 7, 2016 No comments exist

Growing up, my dad used to come up to me before my soccer games and say, “Son, winning isn’t everything.” Then he would take a long pause, grab my shoulders, gaze deeply  into my eyes, and say,“Winning is the only thing.” He loved quoting his favorite coach, Vince Lombardi. This quote made me realize that to achieve great success, one must have a mindset in which failure is not an option. You literally have to trick your mind into denying the facts of life. This can be difficult because it is like refusing to accept the laws of physics. The fact is that in most cases, failure is a possibility, but you cannot accept that. I realized that it is important to believe, with all of your heart, that failure is not an option. It is only then that you will do whatever it takes to succeed. I recently saw an interview with the previously-homeless-turned-global-megastar singer/songwriter, Ed Sheeran, during which he said he never had a Plan B. In his mind, he was either going to become a singer, or become a singer. If you are close to failure but know you have a Plan B, you might not fight for your life in order to accomplish the goal you are working towards; or you might spend time thinking about your Plan B instead of your Plan A. If you truly believed that you need success more than you need air to breathe, you will do whatever it takes to succeed. Note, when I refer to success, I refer to success in whatever is important to you, whether it be in your faith, family life, job, sport, etc..

In regards to EllieGrid, this is the mindset we strive to have. We have a relentless will to make a positive impact on the world and will not stop until we accomplish that goal. This mindset is reflected by our team in many ways, but it was not until recently that this mindset really tested me personally.

Our plan has been to start testing EllieGrid with users before receiving any foreign investment, so that we can be in an optimal position to receive investment when we are ready to start scaling. However, our capital is running low and it looks like we are going to need a little more cash in order to start building our first small batch of EllieGrids. So, I have decided to sell my baby. My baby is a 1968 Ford Mustang that I restored with my dad when I was in high school. My grandfather and dad bought and restored cars for years, so I thought it would be cool to do the same with my dad. Five years ago, we bought and restored an old rusted up Mustang. We put in a new high-performance suspension, tuned up the original 289 engine, put in a completely new interior, and painted it a beautiful Pozi Blue. We even added a special solution to the paint that makes it glimmer at night under the street lights. I really enjoyed restoring this car with my dad and driving it for the past five years, but EllieGrid needs capital and my Mustang is the most liquid asset I have that could get us enough cash to build a small batch of prototypes.

At the end of the day, it is just a car. Owning it does not help me reach my goals in any way, and selling it will not take away from all of the great memories I have with it. I still love my dad, and he will still love me. In fact, he is the one that suggested I sell the car since he understand that sometimes, “You gotta do, what you gotta do.” This car used to take me a lot of places. Now, hopefully the money we receive from selling it will do the same. 

So if anyone is interested in my baby check out this link.

Abe Matamoros

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