Abe Matamoros, CEO

Abe designed and patented the device. He is responsible for overseeing the business branch of the company as well as helping organize and assist other team members with anything they need. Abe graduated from Tulsa University with a degree in Economics and Finance. He has experience both as an entrepreneur and as a consultant for angel investors and other entrepreneurs. Abe grew up in Mexico City and his favorite pastime is playing soccer.

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Regina Vatterott, COO

Regina’s responsibilities include overseeing marketing and operations and making sure we stay true to our brand in everything we do. Regina was born and raised in Houston TX where she attended St. Agnes Academy before attending St. Edward’s University in Austin TX. She has experience advertising for thousands of independent pharmacies. She is passionate about using entrepreneurship and innovation to make a positive impact. Regina is also a proud Kairos Fellow. Her favorite things include running, farmer’s markets, yoga, and peonies. LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Hieu Nguyen, CTO

Hieu’s responsibilities include creating the software and programming for the device and app as well as the electrical engineering. Hieu graduated with a degree in electrical engineering, worked at Texas Instruments as a systems applications engineer for 3 years, and is now working on his masters in computer science at Georgia Tech University. Hieu has skills in firmware, embedded systems, IoT, and mobile app development. Hieu grew up in Hawaii and enjoys live music and sky diving.

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Nicolas Dhanam, CPO

Nic’s responsibilities include the hardware and design of the device as well as creating manufacturer relations and ensuring the product remains cost efficient and beautiful. Nicolas is a senior mechanical engineer at Tulsa University. He has a strong knowledge base in engineering science, computer software, and design engineering. Nic enjoys video games.

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Ben Young, Software Engineer 

Ben’s responsibilities include the mobile app development and design. He was pre-med at Pepperdine University, where graduated with a degree in Biology. He completes a full-stack web development bootcamp at Thinkful, where he refined his competencies. He is a self-proclaimed MERN-stack expert, and is excited for this opportunity to work with React-Native. He is a native Houstonian and loves to talk Blockchain tech and crypto-currencies.

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