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The Five Benefits of Running for Entrepreneurs

By Regina Vatterott Brace yourself. I am about to be admittedly cliché for a moment. Starting a company is a marathon, not a sprint.Stick with me. I have always been a runner, but took it much more seriously this past year. In addition to competing with St. Edward’s NCAA II Women’s Cross Country, I also

6 Ways to Keep You & The Planet Healthy

1. Proper disposal of medications The first tip concerns your medicine cabinet. Just as you might need to clean out your pantry from expired food, it is also important to toss out expired medications. The reason is that you or someone you know might take them by mistake. Injecting expired medications is not encouraged. For a

Our 6 Favorite Things about Elephants

When people see our logo, one of the first things they ask is “Why elephants?” to which we reply, “Why not?” Elephants are beloved creatures with many talents. Our team wanted to have an elephant as our logo in order to reflect their qualities in our brand. Here are six of our favorite things about

5 Easy Yoga Poses to Reduce Stress

Being an entrepreneur means long hours, short lunch breaks, and not much free time. Over time this combination metastasizes into stress. The problem is with rigorous schedules it’s hard to find time in your day to distress yourself. Yoga is a simple quick way to do this just about anywhere. These 5 poses are great

7 Athletes with Serious Health Conditions

We often think of athletes as the healthiest members of society but there are several who overcome serious health conditions everyday. Here is a list of seven athletes who are blowing our minds despite the odds. If they can do it, so can you! Venus Williams – Sjogren’s Syndrome Image via Instagram: @elevenbyvenus The five