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Healthy Stuffed Artichoke Heart Day Recipe

  Although it seems like there are almost too many national “holidays”, National Artichoke Day this one we can get behind. Artichokes are full vitamins and nutrients. Even ancient Greeks and Romans used them for medicinal purposes.   When you hear artichoke, most people think of the dip which is made using the center “heart” of

5 Inspiring Women Who Made an Impact in Medicine

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin From Cairo to chemistry to “cracking” penicillin’s complex structure Dorthy Hodgkin was born in 1910 in a British Colony in Cairo, Egypt and moved to England when she was four. At a very young age, she became fascinated by crystals, chemistry, and x-rays. In school, she was known for working on projects that

Top 5 Qualities That Make a Pill Box Smart

Medication is a complicated and costly aspect of healthcare. Over recent years, there has been a trend of “smart” solutions, such as smart pill boxes & dispensers, attempting to improve medication management. But what makes a pill box truly “smart”?   This is a question that our team at EllieGrid has been working to answer

How to prepare for a doctor’s visit

‌Depending on age and disease risk, health care professionals recommend getting a physical anywhere between once a year to every three years. Regardless of the frequency, most people are not getting the most out of their doctor’s visits. A little preparation beforehand can go a long way. Here are a few things to consider before

The Struggles of a Technical Co-Founder

What it’s like going from Mechanical Engineer to Entrepreneur, Part 1 Sometimes I feel like I haven’t done anything technical for EllieGrid in weeks. For a Mechanical Engineering student and intern, that’s a strange new paradigm. I grew comfortable going to the office or classroom, sitting at my desk, doing my work quietly, and communicating