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How We Found Our Co-Founders and Where You Can Find Your Co-Founders Too (Hardware Startups)

  Here is another question our team gets asked frequently, “How did you find your co-founders?”.  Where we found each co-founder varied based on the position that needed to be filled. Here is how we found our co-founders.     Finding Your First Co-Founder: Likely to be a Friend & Industry Expert When EllieGrid CEO,

How EllieGrid Raised $160k on Indiegogo Without Spending a Fortune

By: Regina Vatterott   Want to know how to turn a good idea and a couple hundred bucks into a crowdfunding success? This is exactly what our team did with our smart pill box, EllieGrid. It took months of research, trial, and error to eventually reach success. My hope is that this post will be the guide I

Ellie’s First Month Without Caffeine

By: Regina Vatterott   This is a first in a new blog series we are calling “Ellie’s First”. This series will be covered by one of our team members as they try something health related for the first time such as a liver cleanse, juicing detox, or acupuncture. For this first one, we will be

How I Accidentally Built The Perfect Product for Myself

  By: Nic Dhanam       A few weeks ago I was packing for a trip. It was going to be my first time out of the state since being diagnosed with IBS which meant packing for the first time with a lot of new travel habits. I was sitting on my bed struggling

10 Celebrities & Their Vitamin Obsessions

  If you follow any celebrities on social media, you may be noticing a trend of health & wellness pictures. Celebrities are trading in the vodka shots for wheatgrass (or at least some of the times). From Gisele Bundchen’s boxing selfies to Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s green smoothie selfies, celebrities everywhere are starting to share their healthy