Ellie’s First Month Without Caffeine

April 13, 2017 No comments exist

By: Regina Vatterott


This is a first in a new blog series we are calling “Ellie’s First”. This series will be covered by one of our team members as they try something health related for the first time such as a liver cleanse, juicing detox, or acupuncture. For this first one, we will be covering Ellie’s first month without caffeine.



Caffeine was my life source so being asked to stop drinking it by my doctors for four to six months was a blow. If you would have asked, I would have said I was not addicted. However, when I took the time to count out the quantity I was consuming each day I realized I was.


The Reality Check

7:00 AM Coffee (95 mg)

9:00 AM More Coffee (95 mg)

12:00 PM Dark Chocolate (40 mg)

2:00 PM Yerba Mate Tea (150 mg)

7:00 PM Pre-Workout (275 mg!!!)


For a grand total of 655 mg! And while we are being honest, sometimes it was more.


So how much is too much? Anywhere over 400 mg according to the Mayo Clinic. This is less than a Venti brewed coffee at Starbucks!


So what?

Well, caffeine is a stimulant drug which means you can overdose. Overdoing it on coffee is a common mistake as it can stay in your system for four to six hours at a time. Coffee also affects different people in different ways. Some common symptoms include;

  • Nervousness
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Flushed Face
  • Muscle Twitching
  • Cardiac Arrhythmia
  • Frequent Urination


Quitting Cold Turkey

Probably not my wisest decision to cut all caffeine out of my diet immediately but I was committed to making the change especially when I realized that caffeine can cause PMS and Fibrocystic breasts in women. No thank you. Here is a series of GIFs that depict my emotional rollercoaster of quitting caffeine.



Bliss (at least, so I thought)

Resisting to Wake Up

Coming Down for Breakfast Mood

Arriving at the Office


Pre-Workout Boost



Life After Caffeine

Day 1: Being told to cut it out


Day Two: What is Life?


Day 3: Grouchy


Day 4: Confusion


Day 5: I’m Trying


Weekend: Finally


Week Two: Okay, Maybe I can do this


Week Three: Wait, I’ actually kinda perky!



Today: Watch out world! Here I come!


If I can do it then you can too! What helped me the most was going to the gym more and getting eight hours of sleep which can be tricky when starting a company. Not watching any television or looking at my phone once I was in bed also helped me achieve higher quality sleep. I used the mobile app Sleep Cycle to track this progress.

I would recommend you consult your doctor or a nutritionist before quitting or even significantly cutting down on caffeine.


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