10 Celebrities & Their Vitamin Obsessions

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If you follow any celebrities on social media, you may be noticing a trend of health & wellness pictures. Celebrities are trading in the vodka shots for wheatgrass (or at least some of the times). From Gisele Bundchen’s boxing selfies to Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s green smoothie selfies, celebrities everywhere are starting to share their healthy habits with their fans.


This healthy lifestyle makes for great role model material to young people as obesity rates are significantly higher than generations before. The best part is, you do not need a celebrity salary to make your health goals. A few powerful vitamins here, a couple dedicated hours in the gym there can go a long way.  However, just keep in mind that these celebrities have entire teams behind them from athletic trainers to nutritionists. Also, just like these fabulous females, there is no such thing as an overnight success.



Katy Perry

This pop star pops pills left and right! Perry told US Weekly she takes 26 pills every day! She organizes them all by “Upon Rising”, “Breakfast”, and “Dinner”. Some nutritionists believe these are the best times to do so in order for optimal absorption. Taking your vitamins “upon rising” can kick-start your morning. Taking vitamins with your breakfast food can help with digestion and absorption. Taking more at night is also believed to lead to restorative healing while the body is resting.




Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow is known as one of the healthiest celebrities in Hollywood after writing her healthy cookbooks It’s All Good, It’s All Easy, My Father’s Daughter, and Notes From My Kitchen Table as well as her weekly lifestyle publication GOOP. In regards to vitamins, she looks up to Dr. Frank Lipman who declares that sugar and gluten are “the devil”.

Paltrow has received some critique for some of her methods while others rave about results. One thing both sides of the argument can agree on is her uncany beauty. But don’t just take our word for it, Paltrow was named People Magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman 2013 so there may be some method to her madness.






Miranda Kerr

“Gosh Miranda Kerr looks terrible!”- said no one ever. This Victoria Secret model’s skin is nearly flawless regardless of her hectic routine. Her secret? She takes Chlorella supplements, eats lots of greens, and drinks lots of water. She even created her own green smoothie recipe. The Chlorella supplements come from natural green algae which is great for your complexion and cell health.






Christy Turlington

Turlington was so impressed with the results for Imedeen Time Perfection tablets that she became the face of the brand!  These anti-aging supplements help with cell renewal in order to reduce the signs of aging. One thing to keep in mind when starting any new vitamin regimen, it takes time. Turlington reported that she started taking Imedeen in June and started seeing results three months later in September. Believe it or not, Turlington is 48 years old.






Chelsea Louise Thompson

Famous for her role in Made in Chelsea, Thompson is now “Instagram Famous” for her fitness pictures and videos. Chelsea Louise Thompson drinks Fountain, The Beauty Molecule. This pretty vitamin-rich elixir extends the life of cells in order to delay aging of the skin.  All Thompson does is adds a teaspoon to her glass of water once a day.







Elle Macpherson

Known for her work as an Australian model, actress, and businesswoman, many are shocked when they hear she is 53 years old. Most people only dream of looking so fresh faced at her age. In order to share her beauty blessings, she teamed up with Dr. Simone Laubshcerthe to develop a super elixir called Super Elixir (fitting right?). The 45 key ingredients work to support the 11 systems of the body from your toenails to the tips of your hair. The best part is, all you have to do is sprinkle it on your food.







No intro needed. Madonna’s personal trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, told Allure Magazine that she gives Madonna ginseng tea, Yerba Mate tea (an EllieGrid team favorite) and natural vitamin B gummy bears. Easy enough right?







January Jones

After January Jones gave birth to her son, Xander, she decided to encapsulate her placenta. Taking placenta vitamins is believed by some to be able to ward off postpartum depression. Celebrities like Kim & Kourtney Kardashian have also tried this. Other spectators still call it witchcraft. Regardless, you can find someone to encapsulate yours for you here.







Khloe Kardashian

Klohe has admitted to being a little extreme about vitamins to the point of “OCD“. She is very organized about her process as you can see in her Instagram photo above. She is currently using plastic baggies but we should probably do her a favor and send her an EllieGrid instead.







Nicole Kidman

The secret to her gorgeous golden locks? Kidman claims that Ultiboost vitamins for hair, skin, and nails by Swisse are to thank. She must really really like them because she is now the global ambassador. After having a baby, she said she suffered from hair thinning but her vitamins have helped her hair come back thicker again.


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