6 Ways to Keep You & The Planet Healthy

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1. Proper disposal of medications

The first tip concerns your medicine cabinet. Just as you might need to clean out your pantry from expired food, it is also important to toss out expired medications. The reason is that you or someone you know might take them by mistake. Injecting expired medications is not encouraged. For a list of drugs that should never be used past their expiration date, click here. There is also the chance that someone might try to steal expired or unused medications. For these reasons, one should consider participating in a National Take-Back Initiative. The goal of this is to provide a safe and convenient way for the general public to dispose of medications and prevent abuse. The next scheduled prescription take back date is April 30th 2016. Find a location near you!2. Proper disposal of pill bottles
Speaking of medications, you can also recycle most of your pill bottles as well. Check with your local recycling service if they accept prescription bottles. If they do not accept them, here is a company that, if there is a #5 on the bottle, will take them and use them to make razors and other similar products. If all else fails, you can repurpose the pill bottles. Click here for inspirational ideas on Pinterest.

3. Use soaps without microbeads
The tiny beads found in many soaps might look pretty but they are destroying our ecosystems. 8 trillion of these microbeads pollute our waters daily. Here is a list of alternate brands.

4. Invest in a house plant
The air we breathe is so underrated. Perhaps this is because we cannot see it. The United States EPA ranks indoor air quality as a top five environmental risk to public health. House plants can help clean the air in your home and office. For a list of their top 5 health benefits, click here.

5. Green Trash bags
Have you ever realized that when we take out our trash, we’re creating even more waste with the use of trash bags? Why not at least use an earth friendly option?

6. Natural cleaning products
Similar to trash bags, we may think we are doing something good when we clean our homes,  but we may actually be releasing unwanted toxins into the environment when we use traditional cleaning products. 1 out of every 3 chemical cleaning product contains ingredients known to cause harm to humans and or the environment. Here are over 60 recipes to make your own all-natural cleaning products.

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